The gorgeous amethyst crystal bottle stopper comes in a lovely gift box making it perfect for a housewarming gift. It is finished with gold foil metallic rimming and fits most wine and champagne bottle. Amethyst is an enchanting crystal that has been adored by royalty throughout history. In Greek folklore, the god of wine, Bacchus, was angry at mortal human beings and decided to send his tigers to attack the next mortal to pass by. A young woman named Amethyst crossed his path, but before Bacchus's Tigers could attack, Goddess Diana intervened, turning Amethyst into a mound of purple quartz in order to protect her. Bacchus later felt ashamed of his aggression, and cried tears of wine over Amethyst, turning her quartz body into the purple stone it is today. SOLD OUT UNTIL EARLY DECEMBER 2019

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