Its all about the Chakra balance!

We cant help ourselves.. we love being the first to market with incredible, magical products for our CAW crew to enjoy! Our crystal elixir waterbottles that we launched 2 years ago have had a phenomenal response. They are the cult, must have product for 19/20 and now we are thrilled to announce our latest baby which will allow you to balance MULTIPLE chakras all at once!


We are thrilled to launch our Build Your Own Crystal Waterbottle in a stunning stainless steel finish. This option allows you to personalise your blend, by choosing which crystals you would like included in your crystal activated waterbottle! The crystals sit in the glass dome which has fine slits through it to allow the water to flow through and be activated by the crystals! WOW! You can come up with the perfect, personalised blend which is unique to YOU! Make it your own! No two crystal activated water bottles are ever the same. Unique just like you. Cant wait to see what beautiful personalised blends you come up with. Love + light to all xxx 

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