Personalised Blend Crystal Waterbottle


Make it YOURS! Create your very own unique crystal elixir, personalised for your needs. Choose to work with as many of the five crystals in our range to create the ultimate blend. Take the time to read through all the benefits of each of the crystals we work with, all of which are safe to use in drinking water, and choose what’s right for you. You can use as many of the five as you wish, we will fill your cup with the crystals you select. Choose between our stainless steel or bamboo finish!

Rose Quartz: To Promote Love. Known as the crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz opens up your heart to accept and give love. Perfect for those searching to bond deeper & find love.

Clear Quartz: Clarity & Cleansing. A healing crystal, which promotes clarity, cleansing and promotes energy & positivity.

Aventurine: The Lucky Stone. The Lucky Stone. Known to bring luck & prosperity into your life, this stone also releases old habits so new growth can take place.

Amethyst: Inner Strength.  A soothing stone, promotes calmness, intuition and creativity.

Obsidian: The Protector. Obsidian shields you from others negativity. It’s been known to bring clarity, strength and support during times of adversity and change.

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