I can remember my love for crystals started at a very young age…around 7 when life was all about collecting crystals and beads… and making beaded bracelets for everyone I knew.

It was always a hobby whilst I was young, however as I grew up and started to learn about the powers of crystals  I felt even more of a connection with these special gifts from our mother earth.

There have been a few stand out moments that I like to think my crystals have helped me and one in particular has been when I bought myself my first piece of Rose Quartz. Key note – I was a single girl looking for love!!! Now the rose quartz crystal wasn’t the prettiest stone in the bunch, it was kind of long and looked like a nose in hindsight, but for some reason I felt it was the right one when I picked it up. Over the coming months I looked after it, wore it on me and put it out in the light of the full moon so it can be reenergized. A gift was brought to me at my friends housewarming party.. As I was serving drinks, my soon to be husband walked in and it was an instant connection. That’s nine years ago.

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