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With so much interest and curiosity about how to live as a better person, have a better lifestyle and better health, there are more and more opportunities popping up to provide the necessities to look after not only your body, but your mind, your family as well as our planet.

There are plenty of changes being made, such as re-useable coffee cups, banning plastic bags and straws and providing options for those making cruelty free lifestyle choices.

It is easier than you think to make a healthy change for your body, and new foods are popping up all over the place to provide for the health conscious.

 A new player on the ground is Wollemi Ethical Store and Café, and with it’s bright floor to ceiling windows, it’s greenery, freshness and beautiful displays it’s hard to walk past. There is vast display counter, with it’s lists of coffees and deliciousness and a beautifully packed display case of cakes and slices.

There is plenty of seating suitable for couples to larger groups, including a large outdoor area which is perfect if you’re bringing your furry friend. 

The back wall of the shop is filled with local and Australian natural products such as nail polishes sourced from Sienna Byron Bay, local made candles and jewellery, along with one of my favourite brands Summer Salt Body, proudly displaying their bath salts and clay masks. There is also a range of men’s skin care, baby clothing and toiletries plus a huge array of crystal infused drink bottles from CAW Life and some SoL keep cups. 

Wollemi Ethical Store and Café is located at 16-18 Mort Street, Braddon, ACT 2612.

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