Amethyst Gua Sha

$20.00 $45.00

The latest addition to our beauty range, the Amethyst Gua Sha is a beautiful crystal to use in the evening. Made using natural crystal, and shaped in a way to suit all faces, this gua sha will offer the most relaxing at home beauty experience. Simply apply serums and then glide up the face. 

Amethyst: For Intuition & Creativity.

A soothing crystal, Amethyst can promote calmness, intuition and creativity.

It’s been know to enhance passions and transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones to create a better life balance.

Known as the "writers stone" this crystal has been said to remove writers block, or any blockage to those working in the creative spaces. Perfect for designers, bloggers and artists. Amethyst has also been known to keep those who travel, safe from harm making it a great gift for someone venturing out to see the world.

Amethyst has also been known to treat insomnia and those with habits they wish to break.

For protection: intuition: creativity: healing.

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