Amethyst Crystal Wand


For Intuition & Creativity.

A soothing crystal, Amethyst can promote calmness, intuition and creativity. It’s been know to enhance passions and transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones to create a better life balance.

Known as the "writers stone" this crystal has been said to remove writers block, or any blockage to those working in the creative spaces. Perfect for designers, bloggers and artists.

Why not start your very own crystal family and interchange the crystal in your waterbottle according to your vibe! The wands easily unwind from the base of the bottle so that you can replace with another type of crystal if you wish!

These wands only fit CAW Crystal Waterbottles.

We recommend putting your crystal out in the light of a new moon and full moon for it to be re charged and cleansed. Available now!



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