NEW- Amethyst Oil Roller

$40.00 $49.00

Raise your vibration with the latest addition to our beauty range.

The CAWLIFE Crystal Oil Roller is a revolutionary multi purpose beauty tool. Simply fill the roller with your chosen essential oil and amplify its benefits with the power of the crystal. Crystals have been used for centuries for their healing benefits. The CAWLIFE Crystal Oil Rollers are made using 100% natural crystal and carved in a way that allows you to use your special piece as a face sculpting tool that can assist with fine lines, puffiness and to stimulate the lymphatic drainage system. 

How to use:

Remove the lid and unscrew the top of the oil roller.

Fill the roller with your favourite essential oil, serum or perfume.

Set your intention and roll on.

Each Crystal Oil Roller comes with a brush for you to clean regularly.

Size: 10cm in length (approx)

Rose Quartz 

To Promote Love.

Known as the crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz opens up your heart to accept and give love. Perfect for those searching to bond deeper, new mums and those wanting to be able to express  their love more freely.

You will receive 1 x Rose Quartz oil Roller

6-8 week wait for unbranded rollers.

Customer Reviews

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Wendie Hartland
Wouldn’t be without it 💜

I just love my caw I carry it everywhere with me as I travel around all day in my car and it can get pretty stressful so I carry lavender oil with me and when I get a bit stressed I just roll some on and it helps calm me. 💜🌸 (TRY IT) I guarantee you’ll love it 💎

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